30 November 2011

Nylea Warded at PUSRAWI

Setelah hampir seminggu Nylea demam dan bebatuk, ubat klinik pun tak jalan. Memalam tido pun tak lena asyik ngangis, batuk kengkadang muntah. Pagi tadi Dora bawak ke PUSRAWI utk chek bebetul. Doktor kata kahak dah masuk peparu. oh tidak…

Doktor mintak Nylea ditahan utk rawatan rapi kat spital dlm 2-3hari. Nebuliser n xray. Mau tak mau Dora terpaksa bekorban utk cuti. Sibaik layak dpat cuti ehsan.

Sakit… sakit gak, chips tetap layan

Meraung2 wat nebuliser

Dok dalam bilik pun meraung… boring agaknya. Sibuk suh dukung wat jenjalan kat luar bilik.

Moga Nylea cepat sembuh yerk… luv baba

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27 November 2011

Another Lawas Sarawak Trip_Part 1

Datang kali ketiga ke Lawas dr 24 hingga 26 Nov. 2011. Terakhir utk projek yg trlibat. Lpas ni tatau ada peluang lagi ke datang sini. Kalu sesaja memang tak sampai kat Lawas ni. Semenarnyer clash ngan aktiviti panjat gunung n aktiviti nismoclub utara berfamilyday kat songkhla, thailand. Aku pilih untuk pegi Lawas atas tuntutan tugas n kerja.

Semenarnyer nak kata clash pun tak jugak. Psal event kat Lawas 25hb, tapi psal tada tiket flight balik ke Miri dr Lawas, jadi trpaksa extend ke 26hb. Tu yg terclash jgak.

Bila dah smpai sini, alang2 tu trpikir gak nak singgah Brunei. Lebih kurang sejam dua jer nk sampai Bandar Sri Begawan. Tapi bila kira bebetul, payah gak dan agak rush. Pengangkutan ke Brunei pun tak arrange. Jadi baik aku dok kat Lawas je ler, tengok persekitaran dan suasana tempat orang.

24hb masa smpai Lawas, kebetulan ada majlis doa selamat. Lepas tu ada ler memakan. Sedap gak masakan yg dihidangkan. Nasi dia ada sesikit mcm pulut, lemak. Yg lain sikit, sambal belachan dier ada kick laa. Rasa dier power, tak pernah rasa sambal belachan best gini. Pastu tetanya ler orang Lawas. Ikut ceghita belachan kat Lawas ni mmg special. Tapi masalahnya diorang tak buat belachan secara komersil/besar2an. Agak limited dan payah nak dapat.

Disambung ceghita, katanya kalau dapat makan sambal tahai lagi best. Huh? tahai tu mendalah apa plak? Ghupanya tahai ni ikan tamban yang disalai. Maklumat yg dapat, kalu nak dapatkn makanan2 unik kawasan ni macam ikan tahai, belacan dll tada tempat lain hanya kat Pasar Tamu, kira macam pasar tani kat semenanjung. Tetanya org, dapat tau Pasar Tamu tu dalam jarak jalan kaki dari hotel. Jadi aku pun set kan utk wat lawatan sambil belajar ke tamu.


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23 November 2011

Castrol EDGE Car Club Contest _ Final Review

Castrol EDGE Car Club Contest _ Photo Submission
Castrol EDGE Car Club Contest _ Oil Change
Castrol EDGE Car Club Contest _ Performance Drive 1
Castrol EDGE Car Club Contest _ Performance Drive 2
Castrol EDGE Car Club Contest _ Performance Drive 3
Castrol EDGE Car Club Contest _ Performance Drive 4

I love Castrol EDGE competition/contest. So far, each that i've participated qualify me to go through to the final round. This time i'm one of the representative of NISMOCLUB in Castrol Edge Car Club Contest. It's easy (Say so coz already selected... ahaksss) to get through. For the qualifying round, I just posed with my car in a picture, then put some quote related to Castrol Edge, post it to our NISMOCLUB forum. Then i get selected. Next we have to do free basic service to our car including engine oil and oil filter changed at designated Castrol Service Center. Latest, we participate in 1 day event of performance drive organised by Castrol Malaysia. Now we are in final stage, to do performance review of Castrol Edge engine oil. The journey so far is exhilarating for a motorhead like me.

In the previous contest, i already do comprehensive review of the effects Castrol EDGE to the performance of my car. In term of fuel economy, engine performance and engine stability. Now, if i do it again, it will be just a repeatetion. Furthermore i didnt get enough time to get the benchmark reading before the oil change to do comparison with after oil change reading. The prediction is it will give the same good results.

Or may be it can give better results due to the latest technology of titanium fluid upgraded from previous Castrol EGDE oil. Castrol claimed that Castrol EDGE with Titanium Fluid Strength Technology™ is so strong and most advance motor oil ever produce. It is tested to perform and proved to perform that up to 40% stronger at reducing metal-to-metal contact compared to a leading competitor and up to 35% stronger for longer in an independent Maximum Endurance Test. Thats huge.... at first I'm a bit sceptical actually... but need to reserve my comment after experience it hands on. But after reading and viewing the video here, it does give me a lil confident that they simply telling the truth.

The engine oil does two things. Primarily it stops all the metal surfaces in your engine from grinding together and tearing themselves apart from friction. It also transfers heat away from the combustion cycle. Engine oil must also be able to react, adapt and maintaining the strength and ability through out the task. It does all of these things under tremendous heat and pressure. Good quality engine oil will ensure not limited to the listed below:
1. Fuel economy savings
2. Enhances engine performance and power
3. Ensures engine is protected from wear and deposit build-up
4. Ensures good cold starting and quick circulation in low temperatures
5. Gets to moving parts of the engine quickly
Where does Castrol EDGE fare?

According to Castrol, EDGE is tailor-made to the specific requirements of a range of engines, it is designed to minimise metal to metal contact, constantly adapt across a variety of engine speeds and driving conditions, and remain stronger for longer, giving you always the confidence to drive how you want, when you want. They said that the usage of Castrol EDGE is proven to:
1. Help maximise short and long term engine performance
2. Help sustain improved performance for longer even when under pressure
3. Deliver excellent protection when reducing metal to metal contact between the critical engine surfaces
4. Enhance engine efficiency.
If its true.... then Castrol EDGE is not only good quality engine oil, but its exceed the industry norm.

When i entering this contest, its about time that my 16VTE due for an oil change. I was on 5W40 Castrol EDGE from the previous competition. The opportunity i get is a blessing. Another free oil change!! Ahaksss.... The same specs of 5W40 from the previous oil change. Right away after the the oil change obviously i can feel that my car is quiter and smoother. But i just thought that this may be due to the fresh oil and soon the feel will decline. Few days after the oil change, we have the the Performance Drive which bring us about 230km various type of road and driving condition for about 7hours. To my surprise, my car didnt show any performance declining through the driving session. If there is, too minimal to notice. And until now, after a couple of weeks, it give the same performance... smooth, stable & quite (for my 16VTE laa.... not to compare with other car). Didn't remember this feeling from previous oil change. Hope its remain as it is through the oil life span in the engine. By then, hopefully manage to get another free oil change.... ahaksss.....

So.... does Castrol EDGE give the performance that they claimed? i would say, so far YES.

Thanks castrol EDGE!

Castrol EDGE Car Club Contest _ Performance Drive 4

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After the tummy is full... we continue our drive back to Shah Alam. But before that, we have to face the traffic jam again from Ampang to Setiawangsa before entering DUKE highway for fast highway driving to Stadium Shah Alam car park.

i'm behind Lead car this time.....
arriving at the Autokhana Challenge venue

More food....
Autokhana Challenge briefing
Autokhana route walk....
The sweeper car  Sentra N16 1.6 Manual is turn to be our autokhana challenge car.
The layout is quite simple at start with slalom & sharp corners.... but then there was a 3 turn reverse parking that is too tight for me.... i have to adjust my car position to the front before enables me entering the reverse park box without hitting the cone. Then we have to drive back trough the same layout. Because of the adjustment while taking the challenge, i dont give hope to get anything.... but....

Ahakasss..... 2nd runner up for me
Kerul get 1st runner up 
The unexpected Champion... AKOB!! ahaksss......
All the podium finisher... what?! all from NISMOCLUB?
Although the event was drag until late in the day, but is a fun, exciting & I get different driving experience. I enjoy the time i spend with my 16VTE and give me more understanding the limit of my 16VTE . The price for Autokhana Challenge is a bonus, added more smiles in my face.

Thanks Castrol EDGE.

The End

Castrol EDGE Car Club Contest _ Performance Drive 3

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After some rest & refreshment stop at Kuala Klawang, we continue our journey. This time the organiser decide the convoy need not to follow the car sequence. Now I'm driving the 5th out of 10car (excluding sweeper & lead car) in the convoy.

The cloud is dark...sign for a heavy downpour
soon, the rain is here... as expected
Wet road
nice hill/mountain view
wet and winding... perfect combination for a car spin... ahaksss.....
give some room for the front car

There are incident happen in this convoy. It just a minor car spin, 2 of the car in the convoy. Luckily nothing nasty happen. May be due to really wet and slippery road because they are seldomly used by motor vehicles. The lead car and the front cars already too far at the front leaving the rest at the back. So to let the the convoy tails catch up, they decide to stop and loosen up a bit at Semenyih-K.Klawang junction.

Later we resume the drive....Still in winding & hilly road, but this time its already dry a bit.....

arriving at Ulu Langat town.
Rustic but nice old buildings
Entering Ampang..... jam packs!! Wasting most of our time here.... 
At last arriving at Tamarind Spring for our very late lunch
Hungry face..... ahaksss....
The menu for lunch today...
bon appetite.... 
to be continued.....

Castrol EDGE Car Club Contest _ Performance Drive 2

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It was mentioned in the brief that this drive will cover about 230km and expected to took about 4 hours driving from ShahAlam via NKVE to Semenyih down to Jelebu, continue to Ulu Langat and stop at Ampang for lunch before proceed back to Shah Alam for autokhana challenge for all the participant.

Beside, they have set some safety rules for all the participant to obey. We must stay in the convoy, minimise overtaking within the convoy, can't overtaking lead car, overtake slower traffic only after receiving instruction from lead car from walkietalkie and walkietalkie only can be use during emergencies.

Provided by Castrol.... Smart Tag, walkietalkie & GPS.... not to forget cash for fuel :)

Getting out from the golf club

i'm car number 4

Maintaining national speed limit at the highway

getting of the highway into rural road

Start the hilly and winding road

After a few hours, we arriving at Kuala Kelawang (Jelebu). We stop for a short break at Petronas. Giving chance for all the participant to chitchat and shared the driving experience thus far.

Some of the landmark of Kuala Kelawang

... to be continued


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